Dunu Camper Residency @ Open Kitchen Sculpture Garden

Summer 2024

6/18/20242 min read

I am so excited to begin a two-week residency in the Dunu Camper at the Open Kitchen Sculpture Garden, where I'll be exploring natural materials and making dye, paint, and ink.

I had been dreaming about an art residency in a garden, something close to home and connected with creative communities—and it would be such a bonus to be in a space alongside people doing what I’ve come to call earthwork. When I heard last summer that the camper would be at a garden hosting artists for micro-residencies, I was ecstatic and applied immediately. I had an amazing experience creating anthotypes for a week in June of 2023 and I’m so honored to be back again this year! This is a place of nourishment—we feed each other in this community literally with the food that is grown on site and at potlucks, and the people nourish each other with their creative energy, inspiration, healing, and support.

During this residency, I’ll be tending to the garden. Watering, weeding. I’ll also be pondering the current Termite TV Collective theme, “Understory” by creating natural dyes, inks, paints, and pigments from materials I gather, from the onion skins from making dishes for the potluck to the weeds removed from the garden beds.

I have so many ideas, more than will fit into the next couple of weeks, so I’m eager to start experimenting and getting to work. The yellow leaves scattered below the peach tree caught my eye immediately and made me think of ink and pigments I might be able to make for other artists visiting the camper this summer.

With a little studio assistant by my side (my creative 10-year old) we took obligatory selfies in the camper and set up the studio apothecary with labeled jars of plant material, containers of powdered saps and ground up shells, and tools for mixing and straining. I carefully unpacked my field writing desk with my color exploration notebook—Tinctoria Experimentalis—and my most favorite writing tools.

It’s going to be a hot week, but I can’t wait! As I settle into this studio space in the camper, I’m filled with anticipation for the creative journey ahead. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be sharing updates and offering insights into my process.

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