Custom Textiles, Inks, and Dyes

Let's Collaborate

Whether you've come with interest in a handwoven textile art piece, a garment dyed with natural colors, or a wholesale batch of handcrafted ink made from plants with a great story--whatever you have in mind, I'm glad you're here to explore bringing that vision into being. Each creation is an adventure, and I'm excited to start this journey with you, aiming to thoughtfully craft a unique piece that resonates with your vision.

How to Get Started

To start the conversation, start with the prompts in the form and provide details about your envisioned project. I'd love to hear about any colors, materials, patterns, and any inspirations or stories behind your project. The more information you provide, the better I can tailor the end product to your specifications.

Once I receive the details of your project, I will reach out to provide an estimate of the cost of the work. This is also a great time for you to ask questions and get a feel for how we will work together to bring your piece to life.

Pricing & Deposits

My goal is to balance flexibility and fairness in pricing, taking into account the time, materials, and craftsmanship involved in each piece. After confirming your project, I'll provide a rough estimate of the cost. Depending on the size of the project, I may request a deposit. Please understand that the final price may adjust slightly based on factors such as size, materials used, and the complexity of the work.

Should you have any concerns or questions about pricing, let's chat--early in the process is best! I'm here to work with you to find creative solutions.


Creating custom work ca nbe detailed and time-intensive process. To ensure I can fully develop your idea and review any preliminary designs, please allow a lead time of approximately one moon cycle/a month. If your project has a tighter deadline, let me know, and I'll do my best to accommodate your timeline.

Return Policy

Given the custom nature of each commissioned piece, designed to meet your specific desires and requirements, potentially using plants or materials of limited supply, I am unable to accept returns. I'm committed to working closely with you throughout the creation process to ensure satisfaction with the final product.

Thank you for coming to me with interest in creating something handmade, unique, and thoughtfully considers the natural resources and materials in its creation.

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