Avocado Love Collection

Winter 2024

2/10/20242 min read

The Avocado Love Collection is the product of:

+ a series of natural material experiments,
+ community art & meaning making practices infused with plant magic,
+ an ongoing study of myself and
+ documentation of sessions with the muse, channeling creative energy into textile pieces and visual journal pages.

5 Suggested Avocado Love Adventures and Experiences:

+ Drink Tea and tell me what you love. Have a cup of “life-changing chai” or heart opening Tulsi Rose at the Random Tea Room. Get cozy under Phílotexō. List the things that you love--create a moment to put it into words. All of these moments in this life, they are yours. This is your time. Make this one about all the things you love.

+ DECLARE, proclaim, share what you love. Speak it into the universe with your words. Keep this moment by documenting this list in your journal, or send a text, or leave a voice message on the Hello in Green Line (‪267.227.4161‬‬). This is a document of love, an artwork made of all the things we love, right now in the present, and you are a part of it.

+ Love water and sit with yourself in compassion.
Listen to this meditation (11 min.) Next time you wash your hands, take a shower, or walk in the rain, go inward. Explore the path of radical self compassion. Explore the RAIN of self compassion to recognize, accept, investigate, and nurture yourself. Accept tears if they come. It’s water. This is the flow, a release, energetic cleansing. Drink water. Remember you are water. Marvel at how we turn on the faucet and clean water comes out. Thank you water. Go about your day and the rest of your life.

+ Make avocado pit dye. Here is how. Also here’s how: get avocado pits. Put in pot, cover with water. Heat—keep the heat low. Let them be to do their thing for at least 30 min to an hour. Turn off the heat, forget about them until tomorrow. Turn on the heat again—low. Turn off heat, add a little bit of soda ash until the ph is about a 9. Stir while whispering intentions, wishes, affirmations, words you like to say because they sound so nice, sing if you like. Let them cool. Strain out the dye. Compost the pits. Now you can dye stuff, like paper. And bind the paper into a journal to hold evidence of a full life.

+ Journal with me in the Studio Apothecary
Hi, it's me, Nicole! Here's what's good this season in the Indigo in Green Studio Apothecary and a journal prompt for you too. Connect, collaborate, and share what you create:

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Avocado Love

In this episode of Indigo in Green: A season of adoring and exploring the avocado. Dye paper for a love journal, extract pigment from avocado pit dye, make watercolor paint, mix up a lovely healing balm with avocado oil and rose petals, and sew fiber art hearts at Cut & Sew a Mt. Airy quilt shop.

Hosted by Nicole Duprée of Ampersand Textile & Design, featuring:
Janine Dupree of AIREA Soap Co.
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